Clinical Trial At-Home Services

Medical Technologies provides a variety of patient-centric solutions to enhance recruitment, retention, and the entire trial experience for the participants, including home health visits by nurses and doctors. Medical Technologies provides these services for its own clinical trials but also organizes nursing services for other sites. 
Home health visits can lower risk and make it easier for a research subject to participate because there's no negotiating going to hospital, where the risk of COVID-19 can be high for subjects.   
Home health visit is performed with personal protective equipment, and social distancing to minimize the risk of potential COVID transmission. Home visits have safety advantages when you have participants at higher risk – the elderly, pediatrics, rare disease populations. Easing the travel burden for those populations is a huge advantage. 
We provide the following services within home visits in clinical trials:
  • Identification of nurses for home visits
  • Training of nurses
  • Coordination of nurses work
  • Travel arrangement for nurses
  • Equipment transportation 
  • Equipment provision
  • Home visit conduct
  • Report completion
All nurses are experienced in administering health care procedures at home. A typical home visit to support research includes the collection of blood, body fluids, or other biological samples, a general or specific physical examination and the collection of vital signs. Additionally, nurses are trained on protocol-specific procedures. Their on-board trainings include SOPs, GCP, GDPR, emergency care, etc.