Participating in a Medical Technologies clinical study is your chance to give back in a way that could make a meaningful difference. Imagine what it feels like to know that you have taken part in the development of improved drugs for people with terminal illnesses. Now imagine that, thanks to your participation and your contribution into a clinical study of a novel drug, a new medicine has been registered and has helped thousands or millions of people in dealing with their illnesses. Being part of the community that helps people fight the disease, and in some cases to save their lives - that's what it means to participate in clinical trials.

Clinical Study is a study conducted in human subjects to study drug effects, properties, adverse reactions, absorption, safety and efficacy and other research purposes. Any medication must undergo a study in humans before it gets to pharmacies. To answer your questions, go to the FAQ section, read the detailed description of the process of participation in a clinical trial, watch our video, email us your questions at info@mt.clinic, or complete the form, or call us at +7 (981) 810-54-22.

Please also visit our web site which was created for volunteers. 
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