Clinical trials conduct is an important milestone in drug development.

Medical Technologies, a netwok of clinical trial sites, is dedicated network of sites to the conduct of early and late phase trials and bioequivalence studies.

Medical Technologies performs all phases of clinical trials:

We also perform the following types of clinical trials:

  • Different ways of administration/different dosage forms
  • Bioavailability
  • Drug, or alcohol interactions
  • Food influence (fasted/fed)
  • Age/gender influence

We have dedicated departments which specialize in different types of the trials:

  • Healthy Subjects and Somatic Department
  • Pediatric department
  • Oncology department

We have an excellent team of investigators, co-investigators, nurses and coordinators working at our sites.

Our team members experience in clinical research exceeds 15 years.

A standard clinical trial team would include:

  • Principal Investigator or PI
  • sub-investigators
  • study coordinator
  • data entry operators
  • nurses
  • pharmacist
  • medical writer

To learn more about clinical trials expertise provided by Medical Technologies, please visit the Experience section.

Clinical studies are conducted in accordance with ICH GCP (Good Clinical Practice) Principles and Standard Operating Procedures, which ensure high standards of clinical study conduct.

Medical Technologies have well-developed processes and procedures for main clinical trial activities.

Medical Technologies SOPs, Quality Management System, automated procedures guarantee high level of quality in clinical trials, good Protocol compliance and speedy study subject enrollment. For example,

  • The sites of the network were top enrollers in oncology trials in Russia.
  • One of the sites of the network was a global top enroller in a multicenter trial in NSCLC.

The sites work with Medical Technology Local Ethics Committee which gathers every 2 weeks and upon request.

Preliminary LEC expertise of clinical study documents is possible prior to a study approval by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, which helps to speed up the process of study initiation at the site.

Agreement approval takes maximum of 1, 5 weeks.

Clinical trials are conducted in accordance with the medical license and clinical trials permit.

The list of ongoing studies includes more than a dozen of clinical trials.

Through its partners, Medical Technologies can offer integrated support services to efficiently and seamlessly achieve clinical study goals.

91% Sponsors choose the sites of Medical Technologies for their next trial.

To perform a study feasibility at Medical Technologies please send your request to Corporate Development Department at info@mt.clinical