Phase I studies

Early phase research is on the rise in Russia due to the governmental support aimed at successful creation and production of innovative medicines, which need be tested in humans, and its export.

Institute of Human Brain, working in Medical Technologies network, has needed infrastructure and equipment for phase I trials conduct in accordance with international standards.

Medical Technologoes is specializing in early stages of drug development. Our site performs the following studies:

  • From first-in-human to proof-of-concept studies
  • Single and multiple doses studies
  • Drug and food interaction studies
  • PK and PD studies
  • Bioequivalence studies

The following services are provided within phase I research:

  • Study subject enrollment
  • Study subject screening
  • Study procedures conduct
  • Study subjects reimbursement

Medical Technologies has access to different study subjects including

  • Healthy volunteers
  • Special populations
  • Patients

Our team experience includes dozens of first-in-human trials. Medical Technologies has experience working with biological drugs.

Medical Technologies is your reliable partner for phase I trials with healthy volunteers. The investigational site provides the following benefits:

  • A big database of volunteers who participated in a clinical trial at least once
  • Subject enrollment within several days (depending on the number of volunteers)
  • Quick subjects screening
  • Established procedures of blood sampling and team work
  • Standardized environment for clinical trials
  • Standardized meals for volunteers
  • Payments to volunteers (bank transfer)
  • Dedicated team of investigators and nurses
  • Data entry operators who complete CRFs in a short period of time
  • Capability of conducting complex procedures
  • Intensive Care Department 
Medical Technologies can work not only in studies in healthy volunteers but also early phase studies in patients with oncology and autoimmune diseases.